Nature-Friendly Hotel 

Cape Krio Boutique Hotel & Spa, which has 40 rooms spread over an area of 4000 square meters, is fit with nature, modern, authentic, detailed, stylish, and with every finely thought out detail, it offers a unique holiday experience to its guests by connecting the fascinating sea view that all rooms have. Cape Krio Boutique Hotel & Spa, located in Datca, one of the last paradises of Turkey, offers its guests a combination of comfort, taste, tranquillity, and serenity, revealing all the possibilities for them to get away from the hus husk of everyday life and have a fascinating time.

Cape Krio Hikayemiz

Our Story 

Cape Krio Hotel is the second meaningful step taken by the Isleyici Family in the tourism industry. Datca Vineyard, where they have been actively produced wine for 10 years, is 7 km from the center. Inside the farm; vineyards, a wine production facility, a retail location, a wine bar, and accommodation. Here, they put agriculture-based tourism prioritize. The family, which values Datca, prepared its second investment as an eco-friendly hotel concept.

At Cape Krio Hotel, where they know the importance of touching people and continue on their way with professionals in the service sector, they are targeting accommodation as well as establishing a facility in Datca, that can be a social life center for friends living in summer and winter.

The family's daughter, Simin Isleyici, trained in tourism-oriented service and brand management in Switzerland and the UK. During her training, she experienced what will be achieved in the service sector by doing long-term internships in many top-quality hotels in different parts of the world and now wants to move them to Cape Krio Hotel in one of the most beautiful spots in Turkey.
The son of the family, Yalim Isleyici, developed his knowledge and skills in the wine world since he was a child with international training and undertook the family's wine production and wine-based tourism activities.

The Isleyici family also wants to reflect its interest in culture, art, history, respect for Datca and the comfort of life, as well as the projects they have put into life. With Cape Krio, they also tried to highlight their importance to culture, art, history, environment, and hospitality. They had strong touches on these titles in every part of the hotel, starting from the infrastructure to the guests. In addition to the comfortable living environments that the residents of Datca can maintain with the guests, an environmentally sensitive building, elements that live and teach history, and areas where art will be exhibited have always been kept in the foreground. 

Kylik Pool Bar is open in summer and closed in winter and kylik pool bar serves you for a pleasant time.
With the specially prepared Snack menu, unforgettable tastes accompanying the pleasure of the pool and panoramic views of Datca will make your holiday unforgettable...
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kylix pool bar

Massage rooms, salt room, steam room, sauna, hammam, on site SomniSpa & Fitness, which can be used with pleasure all year long, There is an adventure shower, relaxation area and vitamin bar.

To rest your soul and have a pleasant time.
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Knidia Restaurant, which will serve buffet breakfast concept in the morning and A la Carte menu in the evening, offers access to international delicacies. These moments, accompanied by panoramic sea views, are desminable to be the most enjoyable moments of your holiday...
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Knidia Restaurant

Cape Krio Boutique Hotel & Spa offers 40 stylishly designed rooms, all with sea views, spacious living areas.
Choose from standard Superior Double, Superior Twin, Dreamy, Suit, Corner Bamboo, and Unimpeded Room types and plan your holiday now...

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Cape Krio Hotel Odalar
Solar Energy

Electricity generation is provided by photovoltaic panels placed on the roof of the plant.

Hot Water

Hot water production is provided by panels placed on the roof of the plant. 

Grey Water

Water from sink expenses is purified and given to toilet bowls and used for garden irrigation.

Rain Water

Rainwater from roofs and terraces is collected in the warehouse under the swimming pool and used for garden irrigation.

Düşük düzeyde enerji tüketimi için  akıllı aydınlatma, yüksek verimli verimli klima, yüksek düzey yalıtım ve güneş enerjisi  sistemleri kullanımaktadır

Intelligent lighting, high efficiency air conditioning, high level insulation and solar energy systems are used for low energy consumption.

Kullanışlı asansör ve eğimler ile  hiç merdiven çıkmadan tüm tesis içerisinde dolaşabilme imkanı.

Convenient elevator and slopes and the possibility to walk around the entire property without any stairs. Even the thresholds are designed to be passable by dragging feet.

Otomatik yangın ihbar ve söndürme sistemlerini destekleyen yangın suyu deposu, pompası ve yangına dayanıklı malzemelerle  yüksek yaşam güvenirliği.

High life reliability with fire water tank, pump and fire resistant materials supporting automatic fire reporting and extinguishing systems.

Tesis içerisinde yer alan kuyudan elde edilen su Reverse Osmos tekniği ile güneşten elde edilen elektrik ile arıtılarak tüm çeşmelere içme suyu kalitesinde su verilmektedir.

The water obtained from the well in the facility is purified by electricity obtained from the sun by reverse osmos technique and all fountains are given drinking water quality water.

  • Unimpeded hotel; Although we are located on 5 floors and a hillside, we have provided seamless access to every area of our hotel, adhering to the principle of unimpeded living that each individual is entitled to. All settlements are at your disposal via walkways, elevators, convenient slopes.
  • Reliability of life; Automatic fire reporting systems, automatic fire suppression systems, fire water tank, fire water pump systems, and high fire resistance material selections.
  • +9 Age Adult Hotel
  • It is available for 12 months.
  • Free wireless internet is available in public areas and rooms.
  • All 40 rooms have sea views.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Casa / Krio banquet areas; It has a divisible system capable of organizing two events at the same time. Thus, the appropriate environment for business meetings, invitations, cocktails are formed. 280 people banquet layout capacity. Casa Hall has an area of 118 m2, a projection machine is available, electrical infrastructure is arranged for multiple uses. Our Krio Hall is carefully decorated with sea views with an area of 217 m2, natural light, and a terrace. The two halls have a shared 90 m2 foyer area and 3 separate toilets with no men's/women's/unimpeded.

We stand with art...

We have reserved one of the most special points of our facility for our 121m2 'Luvi Art’ section, which can host exhibitions, interviews, and private meetings.

Luvi Sanat Logo

Kargı Road No: 26, 48900
Datca - Mugla, Turkey
Phone: +90 252 722 02 02
Gsm: +90 535 301 95 80