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Cape Krio Boutique Hotel & Spa offers a world that will make you feel perfect in all sea-view rooms and nature, under the spell of peace from within nature.

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For a truly amazing and unique experience alongside its nature-compatible architecture Cape Krio Boutique Hotel & Spa.

Cape Krio Hikayemiz

Our Story 

Cape Krio Hotel is the second meaningful step taken by the Isleyici Family in the tourism industry. Datca Vineyard, where they have been actively produced wine for 10 years, is 7 km from the center. Inside the farm; vineyards, a wine production facility, a retail location, a wine bar, and accommodation. Here, they put agriculture-based tourism prioritize. The family, which values Datca, prepared its second investment as an eco-friendly hotel concept.

At Cape Krio Hotel, where they know the importance of touching people and continue on their way with professionals in the service sector, they are targeting accommodation as well as establishing a facility in Datca, that can be a social life center for friends living in summer and winter.

The family's daughter, Simin Isleyici, trained in tourism-oriented service and brand management in Switzerland and the UK. During her training, she experienced what will be achieved in the service sector by doing long-term internships in many top-quality hotels in different parts of the world and now wants to move them to Cape Krio Hotel in one of the most beautiful spots in Turkey.
The son of the family, Yalim Isleyici, developed his knowledge and skills in the wine world since he was a child with international training and undertook the family's wine production and wine-based tourism activities.

The Isleyici family also wants to reflect its interest in culture, art, history, respect for Datca and the comfort of life, as well as the projects they have put into life. With Cape Krio, they also tried to highlight their importance to culture, art, history, environment, and hospitality. They had strong touches on these titles in every part of the hotel, starting from the infrastructure to the guests. In addition to the comfortable living environments that the residents of Datca can maintain with the guests, an environmentally sensitive building, elements that live and teach history, and areas where art will be exhibited have always been kept in the foreground. 

What We Care About

Sustainability;  energy saving systems, solar energy use, water recovery, to be an environmentally conscious facility with savings in water consumption. 
Accessibility; Unobstructed access to all parts of the property, ensuring unobstructed living conditions, life without steps, no threshold, must-have elevator access to each floor, unimpeded elevator from the parking lot to the hotel. 
Safety of Life; Automatic fire reporting system and automatic fire extinguishing system in all areas.
The Comfort of Life;  Spacious areas of use, high life comfort in rooms, SPA, Fitness, swimming pool available in summer and winter, Bar with special cocktails, spacious garden areas, à la carte restaurant with specially selected menus, terraces, meeting rooms, and more...


The Covid-19 Precautions

Opened in October 2020, Cape Krio Boutique Hotel & Spa is taking care of the safety of its guests under the Covid-19 Measures.

All Rooms with The Sea View

Perfect holiday with Superior King, Superior Twin, Suit, Dreamy, Corner, Bamboo and Unimpeded room types...

Cape Krio Hotel Standart Oda

Superior King Room

Superior King rooms decorated with modern details, where everything is considered to make the holiday more comfortable, welcome guests with the difference in architectural structure and comfort offered. It consists of a bedroom, balcony and a bathroom.

Cape Krio Hotel Bamboo Tasarım Oda

Bamboo Room

Exclusively designed Bamboo room is perfect if you are looking for comfort and distinction. If you keen on feeling like you are on a boat above the sea Bamboo is the room for you. Bamboo room consists of a bedroom, a balcony and a bathroom.

Cape Krio Hotel Corner Oda

Corner Room

Don't be fooled by the fact that it's a corner, live the vast blue of the Aegean on the peaks. It welcomes guests with its charming scenery, superior comfort, and comfy style. The corner room consists of a bedroom, a balcony, and a bathroom.

Cape Kri Hotel Suit Oda

Suit Room

Suite rooms, which make you feel at home with its modern design and comfortable arrangement, lay the sea at your feet. It consists of a bedroom, a living room, a balcony, and 2 bathrooms.

Cape Krio Hotel Dreamy Oda

Dreamy Room

Decorated with modern details, Dreamy rooms are a concept beyond dreams. Whether it's a dance floor energy, a unique peace under the stars, you're free in your dreams, that's your choice. It consists of a bedroom, a balcony, and a bathroom with a jacuzzi.

Cape Krio Hotel Engelsiz Oda

Unimpeded Room

The rebels of the sea and nature-inspired the unimpeded room. The vast blue of the sea is combined with the design, which is completely free and makes life easier. Everything was considered for an unimpeded holiday. The unimpeded room consists of a bedroom, balcony, and bathroom.

Cape Krio hotel Twin Oda

Superior Twin Room

An ideal choice for your holiday with a peaceful atmosphere that suits the high level of expectation. All twin rooms have sea views. It consists of a bedroom, a balcony, and a bathroom.

Our Services

Cape Krio Hotel Kylix Restaurant Bar

Kylix Restaurant & Bar

Knidia Restaurant stands out for its characteristic architecture and eye-catching decor and serves a wide variety of international cuisine.

Cape Krio Hotel SomniSpa


As described in a poem written in the age of legends; Immortal bodies that have tasted the elixir of youth, where spring never ends, the heartbeat of love is felt at any moment...

Kylix Pool & Bar

Kylix Pool & Bar

With its exquisite snack and boutique producer wine menu, it serves unusual cocktails with a view of the skyline.


Kargı Road No: 26, 48900
Datca - Mugla, Turkey
Email: info@capekrio.com
Phone: +90 252 722 02 02 
Gsm: +90 535 301 95 80